Friday, June 30th

11:30a – 2p     Paul Tupper

2:30p – 5p      The Trouble

5:15p – 5:30p  Official Opening Ceremonies

5:30 – 8p        Charlie A’Court     http://charlieacourt.com/

8:30p – 11p    The Decades

Saturday, July 1st  (Canada Day)

11:30a – 2p    Paul Brushett

2:30p – 5p     Bakersfield Boys

5:30p – 8p     Jason Spinney and Witchitaw

8:30p – 11p    Little Barry and the Blue Devils

Sunday, July 2nd

11:30a – 2p     Noah Tye

2:30p – 5p      Q104 Homegrown Project

5p                    Special Stan Rogers Tribute – Neptune Theatre

5:30p – 8p      2 Mikes and a Wally Blues Band

8:30p – 11p     Lime Ricky

Monday, July 3rd

11:30a – 2p     Casey May     https://www.caseymaymusic.com/

1:00p              Rib Judging (Best Ribs / Best Sauce)

2:30p – 5p      Pickled Beats

5:30p – 6p      Awards Presentation (Best Ribs / Best Sauce / Peoples Choice Award)

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